Standard equipment includes:

Hockey style helmet with cage, mouth guard, hockey style (or lacrosse) shoulder pads, arm guards, kidney belt, cup (jock), and hockey or lacrosse gloves.  And a stick.

It is warm on the floor, so most players wear shorts - Gryphons will provide shorts to first year players and new shorts to all players every second year. 2015 is not a "shorts year", so only new players get new shorts this year.     

Players also receive a game jersey (returned at the end of the season).  For skills and practices, at hockey jersey over their equipment works fine.

Some players like to wear volleyball style knee pads (as they do sometimes slip and fall on the cement).  Not everyone does.

Other players wear slash guards attached to their shoulder pads. This is a not standards, and a matter of preference.

Hockey gloves work, but lacrosse gloves provide more dexterity in the fingers and thumb.  Some hockey gloves do not have opposable thumbs making gripping the stick harder to do.

It is recommended that the players have 'indoor' shoes to wear only for games and practices.  The dirt that can be tracked in on their outdoor shoes makes the floor very slippery.  Skater style or flat bottom shoes do not provide the traction or support needed to run on the cement floor. Running shoes or cross-trainers provide good traction and support.  Basket ball shoes are also good, as they provide lateral support. There are specialty box lacrosse runners available, but not necessary.

Lacrosse equipment is sold at Royal Sports, Source for Sports, Canadian Tire, Sport Chek and SportsXpress on Main Street.  

The SportsXpress is probably the best place to find good equipment.  The staff are very knowledgeable and will help you get the right fit.  They also have a good selection of used equipment.