Refund Policy

Gryphons East Zone Lacrosse League 

Refund Policy  
The appropriate age convener must be notified of withdrawal and will be responsible for making sure any equipment and uniforms belonging to the Gryphons East Zone Lacrosse League have been collected. Both the pink and yellow copies of the registration form must be returned.

The refund will be given using the below formula:

Based on Time of Request:

If request is received:        Refunded percentage     
1) Prior to the first scheduled practice /session. 100%
2) After the first Practice but prior to the first scheduled game. 75%
3) After first scheduled league game, but before the  completion of the first one-third of the schedule/session. 50%
4) After the first one-third of the schedule but prior to the completion of  two-thirds of the schedule/session. 25%
5)  If the team/group is in the final one-third of the schedule/session or in playoffs. No Refund
Example: Based on Schedule consisting of 15 games/session   FEE $450.00  
If request is received: Refund amount
1)  Before the first practice/session 100% of $450.00 = $450.00
2) After first practice but before first game. 75% of $450.00 = $337.50
3) Between first and fifth Game session. 50% of $450.00 = $225.00
4) Between sixth and tenth games / session 25% of $450.00 = $112.50
5) Between the eleventh game and end of season. No Refund
Once all equipment and forms have been returned a cheque will issued and mailed.  
NSF Cheques  
All Returned Cheques will be subject to a service fee of $10.00 and the issuer will be on a cash basis for a period of one year.